About Us
The Life Property Management LLC is a growing market leader in multifamily real estate, managing a diverse housing portfolio of over 7,000 apartment homes across the greater Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, and Columbus, Ohio markets. For four years, our team of top talent has focused on providing exceptional high-quality living and value for our residents. The Life Properties continues to strive for excellence by providing an elevated level of customer service and a remarkable transformation of properties acquired into thriving communities--featuring newly renovated interiors, exteriors, amenities, and landscaping. The beautiful living environments fostered by The Life Properties ensure an inviting place for our residents to celebrate life's most precious moments. 

You can recognize our brand throughout the greater Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Missouri, and Ohio areas by looking out for our THE LIFE AT service mark utilized in connection with the community name.

Our Core Values


People First - Our employees and our residents are at the core of our company’s success, and we prioritize their needs at the forefront of our business, above all else. We develop relationships that make a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Integrity - We honor our promises and hold true to our values. We walk in honesty and humility in our daily operations while upholding the highest standard of ethics.


Unparalleled Customer Experience - Our customer-focused team strives to offer a best-in-class level of customer service that is unmatched in our industry, to both our internal and external customers.


Diversity and Inclusion - We recognize, invite, and embrace differing perspectives, backgrounds, and individual strengths. We make every effort to ensure our employees and customers are culturally and socially accepted, welcomed, and are afforded an equal opportunity.


Relentless Pursuit of Excellence - We’re committed to delivering service excellence and creating exceptional value for our investors, partners, and residents. We’re strategic and fully invested in our efforts to achieve our collective goals through unwavering perseverance.